This is a small know-how you might find useful in Pentoo.

Q: How come you guys took that long to make the 2009.0 ?

Sorry, we’ve been busy compiling. :-)

Q: What is pentoo based off of ?

Gentoo, of course. What else ?

Q: How can I permanently store changes that I make when using Pentoo ?

Should be easy, just use pentoo changes=/dev/sdXY where X is the drive id and Y the partition.

Q: Yeah but now my changes saving partition is near full, should i create a new one ?

No, you can just use flushchanges and it will move out everything into a dynamically made module under the dir specified.

Q: How can I crack with my graphic card ?

Well, 1st thing would be to check if it’s supported, nvidia and amd have lists of supported cards, go there first. If your card is supported, it should be automatically configured by the mkxf86config.sh script. If it’s not, use mkxf86config.sh -xnvidia or -xati to force native driver usage in Xorg.

Q: My card is not supported, will you crack my girlfriend account password for me ?

Probably not, unless you send pics of her first.

Q: How do i mount a ntfs drive read/write?

Pentoo now uses ntfs3g for r/w mounting of ntfs partitions. To do so, simply type:
mount.ntfs3g /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows
For more information type man ntfs3g

Q: How can i put Pentoo on a usb thumb drive from windows ?

You can use unetbootin or read Tocado’s great howto in the forums. See you there if you have any problem.

Q: Hey, i’m n3td3v from the famous n3td3v group, MI-5 is sniffing my traffic, can you mail me a burned copy to my new address at the Arkham Asylum ?

No, and as someone says, die in a fire.