Boot Cheat Codes

If you hit F2 at the boot prompt, you’ll have some options displayed. I will try to explain some of them better here.

A commonly seen error is that you must choose from the menu displayed the config you want to boot with: pentoo changes=/dev/sdb1

xmodule=vesa Force the graphic module to be loaded by X (ati,nv,etc). there are some problems atm with some intel cards with the Xorg driver. If this happens to you, before changing your graphic card you can specify xmodule=vesa to have it configured automatically.

xres=X*Y Force the graphic resolution for Xorg.

modules=/dev/hdX Allow you to specify the path for your modules. If you boot from a cdrom you can still add modules to a usb pen-drive and specify it at boot like modules=/dev/sda1

changes=/dev/sdXY Allow you to specify where to store configs, etc. In case you have a harddisk partition in FAT, ext2/3 or reiserfs, you can specify it there so you should be asked if you want to store stuff on it.

CDROOT=/dev/sda1 Allow you to specify the location of the device where you have the pentoo livecd image. For example, if your bios don’t support usb booting, you can boot with the cd and specify to load the stuff from ie a stick or a harddisk. Please note that you have to extract the file livecd.squashfs from the iso and put it at the root of the partition you specify.